Quantemplate is a financial technology company formed by experienced reinsurance professionals to bring the latest innovations in data and analytics to the industry
We have used our intimate knowledge of the market’s operations to create a next-generation software platform that allows our clients to work in a smarter, swifter and more secure way
Our Offering
Intelligent insurance requires intelligent analytics
Fast and intuitive
Dedicated support
Our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform allows insurance and reinsurance firms to revolutionise their approach to analytics. Quantemplate’s fully-networked system allows for the frictionless flow of information across all levels of your organisation, so that you can be sure that all of your decisions are made by analysing the best available data.
A Unique
Quantemplate is fast, intuitive and designed with the day-to-day needs of insurers in mind
The platform sits on top of existing systems, which makes getting started no hassle at all. The interface is also highly customisable, so you can easily configure Quantemplate to your personal preferences. Meanwhile, our technical support team are always on hand to help you meet your specific analytics objectives. 
The Process
Business leaders engage us once they have seen the value in truly data-driven decision-making at all levels of their organisation
Detailed consultation
Once a business leader has identified the clear advantages of data-driven decision-making, we undertake a detailed consultation. We pride ourselves on the strength of relationships that we develop with our clients, working closely with them at all stages of the process. 
Pilot project
When we are confident that we are attuned to your specific needs, we implement a ‘fitness-for-purpose’ pilot project, typically within an operational area of the business. The process is consultative, iterative and fully supported by our technical team, who take all feedback into consideration.
across business
Once the pilot project is successfully completed, our clients have clear evidence of the benefits of the Quantemplate approach. When all parties are happy, we introduce Quantemplate across the business.
The Quantemplate platform is ISAE 3402 certified for its security and controls.
Our standard installation is hosted on Amazon Web Services, which provides highly durable storage for our clients’ mission-critical data. Within this framework, our clients can select the physical locations for their data in domiciles that meet their regulatory requirements.

For clients who wish to run the platform on internally-managed servers or alternative cloud systems, our technical team are on hand to manage the entire process.