Raw Data
Data Integration
Collaboratively connect and cleanse your datasets to unlock their value.
The QuanTemplate platform is specifically tailored to the day-to-day needs of insurance and re/insurance companies, putting the tools to manage data into the hands of the people who best understand it.
All the transformations you need: joins, unions, cleansing, mapping and more. We work closely with our clients, building the library of transformations to meet their data needs.
Any source type
XLS, XML, TSV, CSV, JSON and more. Whatever the state of your source, QuanTemplate can help you structure the data.
Real-time previews
Find the right transformations: an exploratory workspace and real time previews allow you to progressively add and test transformations until you get the results you expect.
No coding required
Intuitive user interface allows you to rapidly get your data to the people in your business who understand it the best.
Enterprise data warehouse
Delivering the power and flexibility of a Federated Data Model, the QuanTemplate platform connects the full workflow of enterprise systems. Implementation is modular and tailored to the unique specifications of your systems landscape.
Full granularity
Joining, cleansing and augmenting the data gives you the power to slice-and-dice your book right down to individual policies.
All under your control
Manage your data directly and collaboratively as it evolves, through a feature rich interface.
Grows with your business
QuanTemplate infrastructure is infinitely scalable, flexible and non-invasive – whether adding new classes of business, growing into new territories, or performing an acquisition, you don’t need to remove your existing system architecture as QuanTemplate sits on top. QuanTemplate gives you the flexibility to grow, without the technology growing pains.
QuanTemplate analytics are specifically tailored to the day-to-day needs of re/insurance companies.
Underwriters, actuaries and management perform deep analytics, share insights across their organisation and use underwriting, claims and reserving data to drive financial performance.
Sophisticated queries
Query across multiple datasets and integrate third party feeds in one report. Instantly pivot, filter and connect your datasets, construct hierarchical tables then visualise in QuanTemplate.
Easily configure your visualisations with drag and drop, then explore the best ways to display your data from a library of graphs, tables and data-driven maps.
Query across your datasets and create calculated fields. Support for advanced insurance functions and models, validation and error highlighting and currency conversion.
Loss Development
Create and configure chain ladder models in seconds with drag and drop through QuanTemplate’s dedicated IBNR loss development module.
Easy to use
Easily build multi-page reports with drag and drop tools. Connect and query multiple datasets, then put your findings in context with text annotations, headings, company logos and images.
Cloud or on-premises
Our robust, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure brings class-leading query speeds to your desktop. And if your organisation requires on-premises deployment, we can do that to.
QuanTemplate runs in the web browser – cross-platform, accessible anywhere with no maintenance required. Rich interactivity and blazing fast performance is enabled by its own unique technologies.
Collaboration and Audit
Work collaboratively with real-time document updates from your colleagues. Archive, don’t delete: all changes to documents and data in QuanTemplate are recorded, so your work is fully auditable.
Our experts reveal the most efficient route from raw data to actionable insights.
QuanTemplate provides niche consultancy to help you achieve strategic business goals using technology. Bridging the gap between raw data and actionable insights requires database integration and the development of algorithms and operational tactics. The revelations delivered ensure your business decisions are driven by real-time key performance indicators derived from linking disparate sources. Consulting services are provided by our team of Computer and Data Scientists, which works in lockstep with our re/insurance industry experts.