Raw Data
Data Integration
Collaboratively connect and cleanse your datasets to unlock their value.
The QuanTemplate platform is specifically tailored to the day-to-day needs of insurance and re/insurance companies, putting the tools to manage data into the hands of the people who best understand it.

All the transformations you need: joins, unions, cleansing, mapping and more. We work closely with our clients, building the library of transformations to meet their data needs.
Any source type
XLS, XML, TSV, CSV, JSON and more. Whatever the state of your source, QuanTemplate can help you structure the data.
Machine Learning
Crowdsourced learning informs cognitive decision-making models, allowing operations such as column or value mapping to be automated.
No coding required
Intuitive user interface allows you to rapidly get your data to the people in your business who understand it the best.
Machine Learning
Harness the power of ML to automate and accelerate your data preparation
From catastrophe modelling to pricing,from bordereaux management to performance analysis, data preparation underpins the lifecycle of a risk.
Frequently this process is done manually, either in-house by highly-skilled workers or outsourced to vast teams on the other side of the world.
Your valuable in-house team could be spending their time on business generating activities.
Less time wrangling spreadsheets, more time acting on insights from your data.
The cost of outsourcing is rising, faster than the skill level.
While outsourced and offshored work used to be effective, shifting economic forces are now driving diminishing
efficiency gains.
How machine learning helps
Schema-mapping use case
Crowdsourced learning
Data preparation choices made across the market inform QuanTemplate's cognitive decision-making models.
Mapping suggestions
QuanTemplate makes data mapping suggestions based on learning algorithms. Manual adjustments are fed back into the decision-making model.
Straight-through processing
Any new data fed into the platform flows straight through, minimising the need for manual data work.
Above a defined strength threshold, suggested mappings can be applied automatically, dramatically accelerating the speed of bringing in new data sources.
QuanTemplate analytics are specifically tailored to the day-to-day needs of re/insurance companies.
Underwriters, actuaries and management perform deep analytics, share insights across their organisation and use underwriting, claims and reserving data to drive financial performance.
Sophisticated queries
Query across multiple datasets and integrate third party feeds in one report. Instantly pivot, filter and connect your datasets, construct hierarchical tables then visualise in QuanTemplate.
Easily configure your visualisations with drag and drop, then explore the best ways to display your data from a library of graphs, tables and data-driven maps.
Query across your datasets and create calculated fields. Support for advanced insurance functions and models, validation and error highlighting and currency conversion.
Loss Development
Create and configure chain ladder models in seconds with drag and drop through QuanTemplate’s dedicated IBNR loss development module.
Easy to use
Easily build multi-page reports with drag and drop tools. Connect and query multiple datasets, then put your findings in context with text annotations, headings, company logos and images.
Cloud or on-premises
Our robust, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure brings class-leading query speeds to your desktop. And if your organisation requires on-premises deployment, we can do that to.
QuanTemplate runs in the web browser – cross-platform, accessible anywhere with no maintenance required. Rich interactivity and blazing fast performance is enabled by its own unique technologies.
Collaboration and Audit
Work collaboratively with real-time document updates from your colleagues. Archive, don’t delete: all changes to documents and data in QuanTemplate are recorded, so your work is fully auditable.