Bordereaux Management
data integration, automation,
validation & analytics

Automate all your re/insurance data preparation, including Bordereaux Management, MGA Reporting, Exposure Management, Fleet Auto, Aggregation and Clash. Use the Quantemplate SaaS platform to convert fragmented insurance data into insights you can trust and underwrite with confidence.

Leading reinsurance, P&C and life insurance companies use the Quantemplate platform

How it works

Data integration
Connect and cleanse your datasets – no matter how inconsistent or messy
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Machine learning
Rapidly bring together hundreds of datasets aided by smart mapping suggestions
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Set data quality rules and quickly find failed data points
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Analyse or export
Gain customer, market and pricing insights with flexible analytics tools, or export and share clean data
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Latest news

“Quantemplate has given us the data confidence needed to take action with the insights we discover.”

Danny Verboom, Head of Operations, Aegon Blue Square Re

Your platform
Zero-code interface allows you to freely explore, test and implement changes independently
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One cloud solution
Integrate, automate and analyse your data sources, all in one cloud solution
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Fast time to value
Connect your datasets and gain insights in seconds, not months
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A cloud solution your IT team will love. Fully encrypted, complete audit trail and ISAE and ISO accreditation
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The Platform

Made for insurance professionals

Our team are insurance data experts who understand the challenges the industry faces

Platform designed for a variety of insurance data problems
Built to handle hundreds of constantly changing insurance inputs
Support from insurance experts

Why choose Quantemplate?

Put all your data
to work

Automate data prep so you can work with all your data, not just what you can process manually
Build a complete harmonised view of your data at full granularity
Make fewer assumptions, leading to better pricing/reserving decisions
Uncover issues such as ‘least profitable lines’ earlier and take action
Discover new opportunities such as cross-selling
React to global events with real-time fire drills

Scale freely with supercharged efficiency

Handle more data faster, without growing headcount
Build repeatable data pipelines as you go
Write more business and bring on new contracts with ease
Be the first to quote to brokers

your data

Automate validations to build a trustworthy view of your data
Reduce errors at source and improve your transformation processes
Benchmark and report on data quality
Build data confidence and take action with your insights

Deepen data governance

Gain oversight of your data journey with repeatable processes and audit trail
Ensure consistent, non-destructive processes
Stay on top of your team's activity
Minimise key-person risk
Meet regulatory demands

Empower non-technical users

Enable non-technical business users to work first-hand with ‘zero-code’ transformations
Let the people that understand your data handle it
Governed self-service shortens cycle time
Eliminate outsource dependencies