Insurance data
integration, automation
& analytics

Many insurance professionals spend too much time making their data usable. Our machine learning data integration, automation and analytics software provides clean data and insights in seconds, not months.

Leading reinsurance, P&C and life insurance companies use the Quantemplate platform

How it works

Data integration
Connect and cleanse your datasets – no matter how inconsistent or messy.
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Machine learning
Rapidly bring together hundreds of datasets aided by smart mapping suggestions.
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Set data quality rules and quickly find failed rows.
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Analyse and export
Gain customer, market and pricing insights with flexible analytics tools, or export and share clean data
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“Quantemplate has given us the data confidence needed to take action with the insights we discover.”

Danny Verboom, Head of Operations, Aegon Blue Square Re

Your platform
‘Zero-coding’ interface allows you to freely explore, test and implement changes independently
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One cloud solution
Integrate, automate and analyse your data sources, all in one cloud solution
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Fast time to value
Connect your datasets and gain insights in seconds, not months
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A cloud solution your IT team will love. Fully encrypted, complete audit trail and ISAE and ISO accreditation
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The Platform

Why choose Quantemplate?

data transformation

Slash costs​​
and accelerate speed to insight by spending less time on repetitive data transformations


Grow your business​​
by capitalising on previously unknown opportunities in
your data sources

your data

Improve quality
with granular checks to ensure data meets quality standards and business rules

Made for insurance professionals

Quantemplate requires zero coding to use, making it easy to learn
and accessible for the people who understand insurance data best.

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