Use Cases

Quantemplate’s power is its flexibility.
Whatever the size and shape of your data challenges,
Quantemplate can help you unlock strategic value.
Grow your business profitably
Unlock underwriting insights
A typical insurer might see thousands to hundreds of thousands of submissions for new business per year, and only be able to thoroughly evaluate and properly respond to a fraction of them. Beyond the missed market opportunity, when there isn’t the resource to evaluate each submission in detail, simplifying assumptions need to be made. Without a full understanding of the risks and how they correlate to the rest of the book of business, pricing may not be fit-to-market: either under-priced and risking excessive exposure or over-priced and reducing competitiveness.
Quantemplate automates the processing of large volumes of submissions, meaning you can evaluate the full set.
Systematically evaluate the underlying risk for the chosen rate in Property lines, and in Casualty lines, reduce the time lag in getting to Loss Development Factors.
Automate processes: no need to ignore any submission
Model what-if scenarios to see how renewals stack up and impact book of business
Understand claims vs. new underwriting opportunities
See how factors change over time for account, region, or underwriter
Claims efficiency
& fraud
Serve your customers better
Accelerate your claims processing
The claims landscape is changing: new data sources, metadata and analytics need to be better integrated to stay competitive. Meanwhile, legacy processes mean claims and policy data is fragmented across systems, compounded by adjusters providing data in disparate formats. This leads to slower claims processing impacting customer satisfaction and fraud rates as high as 10% impacting loss ratio.
Quantemplate works with your existing systems to bring all your claims data to one place.
Data can be analysed to identify trends which can uncover fraud or opportunities for better underwriting or actuarial analysis. Rapidly creating Loss Development Factors allows you to see how premiums and losses perform with minimal lag, enabling proper reserving.
Integrate new claims
data and sources
Improve loss ratio and
profitability through
lower fraud rates
Implement proper
reserving due to lower lag
Enable a fast-pay claims
process, leading to higher
customer satisfaction
Understand your drivers of risk
Automate your exposure and model processing
CAT modelling data challenges are the source of some of the biggest costs and operational inefficiencies in P&C business lines. Frequently all of the exposure and deal intelligence resides in spreadsheets, CSV files, stored queries, and employees’ heads. Large-scale outsourced processing is common. Not only is the information inaccessible, but it can make audit-trails, rule-enforcement, and institutional learning impossible.
Quantemplate uses machine learning to transform your data inputs into a format your models can run.
Once your data pipelines are set up, processing is automated, dramatically reducing the timelag between receiving data, running models, pricing business and quoting to brokers.
Price risks faster – be the first
to quote to your brokers
Have complete view of
underlying risks
Slash costs and decrease
model analysis time
Capture institutional IP
and insights
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Grow your MGA business faster
Slash your integration time from months to days
MGAs are a key lever to growing your book of business without a proportionate growth in costs. However, onboarding and servicing these partnerships requires a multi-month effort of merging their data and systems with yours, limiting your capacity to grow into new markets and business lines.
Using Quantemplate, insurers have reduced their multi-month onboarding to less than a week.
By automating dataflows and creating machine-learning based schema mappings, Quantemplate drives operational efficiency. Downstream processes of CAT modeling, data warehousing, reporting, ledger, regulatory and financial reporting can be rapidly connected to MGA data feeds.
Grow and diversify your
MGA business
Bring on more profit whilst
controlling your costs
Provide better data
to underwriters
Understand your book of
business in real-time
Solve your spreadsheet problem
Integrate disparate data sources and capture IP
Tens of thousands of spreadsheets flow through insurance companies each year. Whether it’s monthly bordereaux or SoVs, the challenge is capturing the information, applying business validation and integrating with existing systems. It’s expensive, error-prone and hard to scale. Moreover, much of the value remains in the heads of employees, leading to operational inefficiencies and key-man risk.
Quantemplate’s user-friendly tools leverage machine learning to enhance your data operations.
Your data is rapidly harmonised and made available for analytical querying or downstream systems, allowing you to monitor your exposure in real time. The more you use Quantemplate, the smarter it gets, locking-in your institutional knowledge.
Improve operational efficiency
by orders of magnitude
Exceed requirements for
auditability and compliance
Get business insight from
your data faster
Get better data: eliminate
errors and improve quality
from cedants
& legacy data
Drive digital transformation
Unlock legacy data and break down siloes
In a typical insurer, data is fragmented and siloed across multiple warehouses, often segmented by categories such as business lines, geography, M&A activity, and the time the system was built. This prohibits a comprehensive view of customers, claims-to-underwriting insights, market intelligence, etc. Auditing is challenging, business logic and rules are cumbersome to update, and rolling-up the books for auditors, financial disclosures, or during market- or catastrophe-driven events takes months.
Quantemplate works in a non-invasive manner to connect data from all your systems.
Easy-to-configure tools automate data matching, apply business rules and logic, and assign results to appropriate lines, coverage, and contracts. Quantemplate can distribute data throughout the organisation: from feeding underwriting and pricing systems, to exposures on CAT systems, to general ledgers, reserving, and claims.
Unlock insights from
your legacy data
Get a whole-business view of
exposure by dissolving siloes
Ensure enterprise-wide
data consistency
Drive digital transformation
throughout your organisation
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