Harmonize data from Program, Fronting, MGA, Coverholder and Ceding Companies

Delegated Authority and Program Business are rapidly growing sectors of the global insurance market, providing policyholders with tailored products and more access to capacity via the extensive reach and domain expertise of Managing Agents and Coverholders. However, the complexities in the data provided by each distribution partner make it difficult to calculate net positions, close the books each month and provide consistent information to the organisation.

Meet the complex requirements of essential financial systems
Comprehensive data quality and compliance validation tools
Maintain flexibility to support and onboard new programs
Automate regulatory reporting, including ASR 249, 250 & 252


  • Complex data formats prevent views of consolidated portfolios and net positions
  • Manual data preparation creates information lags increasing expense ratios
  • Cost to maintain and onboard programs limits ability to grow into new markets
  • Converting MGA data into carrier terminology is complicated and prone to errors, reducing accuracy
  • Current processes delay the adoption of new risk standards and regulatory requirements

How Quantemplate helps

Quantemplate increases the speed of data consumption by automating the data prep process, utilising machine learning to implement data standards for a precise portfolio view and consolidated reporting.

Diagram of Bordereaux Management data flow showing multiple MGAs / Coverholders submitting premium, policy and claims bordereaux. Submissions can be made in real time via Data Messaging. Bordereaux are mapped to the Carrier’s format. Insured names are mapped using Capital IQ as a reference dataset and geocoding is performed via the Google Maps API. Carrier calculations and validations are applied, creating a single harmonized dataset. Outputs include: Data Warehouse (Microsoft Azure API), Policy Admin (Duck Creek Technologies API), Risk Models (RMS/AIR), Analytics (Quantemplate), Actuarial, General Ledger and Reinsurance.

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How does Quantemplate work?

Quantemplate is a self-service, cloud-based, automated data solution built for re/insurance professionals

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