Technology & Security

A cloud solution your IT team will love

Quantemplate is built on a foundation of proven, secure, open technologies which provide not only advanced features to insurance professionals but allow easy, low-cost support and integration.

IT Governance

Integrity at all levels
As experts in building enterprise solutions, we understand that IT-friendly solutions require more than good technology decisions and high-quality practices. IT teams must support the integrity and security of their company’s assets, often against human error. So, we’ve built a full suite of tools to support the data integrity imperative of IT Teams.

User-level privileges enabling full audit trail
Non-destructive data manipulation for data integrity
Zero-code data manipulation for ease of use
Scalability management reducing total cost of ownership
Quickest time-to-deployment platform on the market


A secure platform your Chief Information Security Officer will trust
Quantemplate has been built from its hardware foundation to the entire software stack with security and data integrity in mind. As a global organisation, we understand that data and security requirements vary region to region. Quantemplate is built to support the regulatory requirements our clients must comply with.

ISO 27001
Certified software development

AES at rest
SSL/TLS in transit

Secure Cloud
ISO 27001 / SOC II Data centres
from AWS

Secure Login


Service components
Reliable, scalable and cost-effective
cloud substrate

Domiciled data centres

Software components
Industry standard modern techniques
and components

Server Layer
Apache Open Source
Hadoop libraries
Java, Scala, Akka
UI Layer