Empower customers, provide differentiated services and enhance customer experience

Providing differentiated services and enhancing customer experience is critical to fleet auto writers to achieve profitability. Supplying fleet operators, underwriters and brokers with the necessary data and information to implement and update risk management strategies is one way for carriers to accomplish this. However the complexities with data received around the globe makes it challenging for carriers to achieve these objectives.

Improve underwriting returns by spotting trends in the data
Proactively engage insurance partners to maximise results
Enable data to play key role in unlocking insights
Empower customers and provide differentiated services


  • Data complexity creates difficulty in managing exposures and controlling losses
  • Claim severity continues to rise due to rising medical and auto repair costs
  • Changes in risk exposure are pressuring insurers to improve underwriting effectiveness
  • Manual data prep creates a lag in information and insights needed to help mitigate risks

How Quantemplate helps

Quantemplate enables fleet auto writers and partners to develop rapid insights – mitigating risk and driving profitability by automating the data preparation process

Diagram of Fleet Auto data flow showing fronting partners submitting bordereaux from EMEA, US and APAC regions. New partners can be brought on rapidly. Carrier rules are applied and Quantemplate’s machine learning data preparation allows creates a harmonized view of exposures. Underwriting rules are applied and the data feeds reporting on profitability, performance, severity and frequency of claims. Rapid insights enable informed growth and rapid engagement with customers.

How does Quantemplate work?

Quantemplate is a self-service, cloud-based, automated data solution built for re/insurance professionals

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