Instantly harmonize field names across bordereaux with Machine Learning

The challenge

Bordereaux and Exposure Management come with data challenges: dozens of spreadsheets every month, all with different data structures which need to be standardised and validated. If you’re working in this space, then you know the amount of effort that goes into trying to process this data. And onboarding data from a new MGA can take weeks, limiting the rate at which you can grow.

How Quantemplate helps

Quantemplate's Map Column Headers operation is an incredibly powerful tool.

• Automate mapping to a Master Schema with machine learning

• Compare source schemas to get an overall picture of your incoming data

• Populate columns with uniform data

Once your source data structures are standardised, you can run automated cleansing on datapoints such as company names, enrich with external sources, calculate new fields such as loss ratio, and apply validation rules – all within Quantemplate.

Check out our Help Centre for some examples of Map Column Headers.

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