Double the number of submissions and reduce the cost to acquire new business by automating data prep for models and rating

Being the first to market, screening and prioritisation of submissions based on exposure metrics and increasing volume and hit rates are some of the many objectives of commercial property writers. However the complexities of the data received and manual processes makes it challenging for carriers to achieve these objectives.

Reduce the cost of acquiring new business
Enable data quality metrics to screen & prioritise submissions
Solidify relationships with key production sources
Meet increased demands with current resources


  • Customised processes cause delayed responses to markets and distribution partners
  • High operational costs and cost to acquire business
  • Difficult to screen, score and prioritise submissions due to manual data prep
  • Critical data to drive insights locked in spreadsheets and files
  • Opportunities lost due to higher market demands during hard markets

How Quantemplate helps

Quantemplate enables commercial property companies to quickly screen and prioritise submissions by automating the data preparation process, utilising machine learning and applying validations to implement carrier rules.

Commercial Property
  • Reduce the cost to acquire new and renewal business
  • Empower underwriters, screen and prioritise submissions
  • Improve turn around times, be the first to respond to markets
  • Increase the number of quality submissions you underwrite
  • Improve the quality of the data that feeds models and pricing

How does Quantemplate work?

Quantemplate is a self-service, cloud-based, automated data solution built for re/insurance professionals

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