Confidently close finance and reinsurance each month and develop accurate net positions

Program and fronting business enables carriers to grow in niche areas and meet the demands of the consumer. However, the complexities in the data provided by each MGA makes it difficult to calculate net positions, close the books each month and provide consistent information to the organisation.

Meet the complex requirements of essential financial systems
Increase data quality and accessibility to the organisation
Maintain flexibility to support and onboard new programs
Exponentially improve operational efficiencies


  • Manual data preparation creates operational inefficiency and reduces profitability
  • Cost to maintain and onboard programs limits ability to grow into new markets
  • Converting MGA data into carrier terminology is complicated and prone to errors, reducing accuracy
  • Existing data processes create reporting lags that increase costs and reduce profitability
  • Complex data makes it difficult to calculate net positions and develop portfolio views

How Quantemplate helps

Quantemplate drives operational efficiency by automating the data prep process, utilising machine learning and applying validations to implement carrier rules

Program and Fronting
  • Confidently close each month accurately in minutes
  • Rapidly develop net positions every month
  • Empower program managers with consolidated portfolio insights
  • Measure monthly profitability, volatility & exposure changes
  • Monitor implementation of underwriting guidelines

How does Quantemplate work?

Quantemplate is a self-service, cloud-based, automated data solution built for re/insurance professionals

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