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Bordereaux management

Full workflow demo showing a carrier ingesting monthly data from multiple coverholders

Quantemplate Integrate is a suite of self-service data preparation and integration tools, enabling business users who understand the data to control how it is transformed. This video shows a full workflow demonstration of a binding authority scenario: harmonising disparate data sources from multiple coverholders, then analysing and sharing that data.

Video features

  • Import data in range of formats and define the structure
  • Map column headers to a common schema aided by
    ML-powered Smart Matching
  • Map data values such as company names to a consistent
  • Join premium and claims data to precisely determine exposure
  • Join external data to enrich bordereaux
  • Cleanse invalid data
  • Add calculations to determine profitability
  • Analyse the data with Quantemplate’s business
    intelligence tools to gain actionable insights
  • Automate Solvency II reporting including data exports for
    Annual Solvency Returns
  • Share data with regulators and following underwriters