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Export to Azure via API

Tutorial: use Quantemplate APIs to automatically extract data to a Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

The challenge

Are you receiving dozens of bordereaux every month, all with different data structures? Do you need to get them cleansed, harmonized and validated, then into an SQL data warehouse on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, or on-premises?

How Quantemplate helps

Set up pipelines in Quantemplate to cleanse, harmonize and validate incoming data (see how), then use our APIs to securely push to your data warehouse automatically. In the full tutorial, we take a detailed look at how to establish a secure connection between Quantemplate and a Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse. Once it’s all set up, when new data is ready, it’ll be transferred to the warehouse automatically.

Learn more

For full details of Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse integration, check out the technical guide. To learn more about our APIs, see code examples and more use cases, visit our developer hub.

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